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Caterpillar remains world largest construction equipment supplier

In 2014, the American heavy construction equipment maker, Caterpillar, was the leader in global industrial construction equipment manufacturing and supply, if sales are anything to go by. Latest data shows that Caterpillar sold equipment worth US$28.28 billion around the world, compared to its nearest competitor, Komatsu (Japan), which sold equipment worth US$16.8 billion. The top two giants raked in just over US$40 billion between the two of them, which is 30 per cent of the construction equipment manufacturing market.
Evolving over the years through different innovation over the times, Caterpillar has made different versions of different equipment for different purposes, ranging from earth moving equipment, trucking & hauling, paving& compacting, lifting and material handling, drilling, etc.

In Uganda (and East Africa) caterpillar is a household name for heavy earth moving equipment. Over the years, the manufacturer has bettered its act in efficiency, cost of operation, technological innovation, suitability, versatility of equipment.

The other top manufacturers of construction equipment in 2014, were: Hitachi (Japan), 3rd; Volvo (Sweden)-4th; Terex (US), 5th; Lieberr (Germany), 6th, John Deere (US),7th; XCMG (China), 8th;  Sany (China),9th and Dooson Infracore (South Korea), 10th.


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