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Road works

Allen Kagina appointed to head UNRA

Allen Kagina has been appointed the Executive Director of the Uganda National Road Authority, a semi-autonomous agency responsible for managing and executing road works in Uganda.
Kagina is well known for her leadership and role in turning around the country’s tax body, Uganda Revenue Authority from a corruption ridden body, collecting a miserly Ushs 2 trillion shillings annually, to a vibrant, well managed and professionally run body that raised tax revenues to Ushs 11 trillion, by the time she left in 2014.

Because of Government’s commitment to infrastructure development, the roads sector in the 2015/2016 national budget was allocated Ushs 3.3 trillion- the single highest item on the national budget. In the last 3 years, the roads sector has received the highest budget in national allocations.
Problem for UNRA though has been there was little to show for the huge budgets as some monies were not utilised or where it was utilised, it was shrouded in corruption, inflated costs, poor quality delivery and often deadline overruns. UNRA has been synonymous with corruption, high costs and poor or compromised supervision, in all circumstances leading to poor quality delivery, both in quality and quantity.
It is expected that Kagina will come to breath in some fresh air, and deliver quality, value for money, rid the organization of corruption and create a credible, competent organisation that will deliver on Government’s ambitious plans for road infrastructure.
Allen Kagina was educated at Makerere University, Uganda, and the University of Manchester (UK)


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