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Uganda’s ‘Silk Road’

By Daniel Otto

Although Zhang Qian died over 2000 years ago, he remains famous in China. An adventurous imperial diplomat and envoy, Zhang is remembered for charting routes and traversing central Asia thereby opening China to the outside world.

Zhang’s exploits established a network of routes that eventually linked China to central Asia, the Arab world, Europe and Africa. Through these craggy routes, China started to trade with the rest of the world. Named after silk, China’s biggest export at the time, that road network was later dubbed the “Silk Road”.

Uganda-Tanzania sign final agreement on Hoima-Tanga pipeline

Uganda and Tanzania have signed the final Inter Government Agreement (IGA) - the East African Crude Oil Pipe Line Agreement (EACOP)-for the construction of the Hoima- Tanga crude oil pipeline. The signing of the implementation agreement which is the final phase of negotiations between the two countries before implementation can begin, took place in Kampala on Friday May 26th.

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