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URA Tower graces Kampala skyline

The 22-floor office space for the Uganda Revenue Authority is the latest picturesque piece of real estate to grace Kampala’s skyline.   The ultra-modern office block is armed with a modern intelligent building management system that automatically controls facilities like energy, making it an energy efficient (a green) building).  

Road accidents: Blame road designers, not drivers, says new Report

Every time an accident happens on our roads, traffic police are quick to blame over-speeding, drink driving, reckless driving or carelessness on the part of the pedestrian/cyclist. That is, blame is always placed on human error. Now, a new report says humans make mistakes anyway, and so authorities need to move away from apportioning blame to the road users, and shifting it to the road makers-city planners and road designers. It argues further that if countries make this paradigm shift, road accidents will be considerably reduced.

The picturesque Pearl of Africa hotel comes alive on Kampala skyline

The picturesque 23-storey luxury hotel, set on a spectacular location in Kampala, with nearly 360 degree visibility of the city, was officially launched in Kampala in October. The hotel- a five-star luxury affair- comprises 253 rooms and 42 suites on seven levels of accommodation, ranging between 31 and 164 square metres in size.

Africa Smart Cities blue print launched

A Blue print to guide African cities to adopt use of innovative digital technologies to deal with some of the pressing problems they face has been launched in Kigali, Rwanda. The blue print was launched during the just ended Transform Africa Summit 2017 that took place from May 10-12th.

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