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Are Ugandans’ housing styles and tastes changing?

By Jackie Asasira & Daniel Otto

Housing is like clothing fashion. The designs of houses, styles, ownership type, finishing tastes and even building materials are dynamic and reflective of the society’s psyche. It portrays the society’s current socio-economic and political state of mind. From housing patterns, you can tell generational differences, state of security of a country, economic prosperity and to some extent the political thinking of a people. 

Rwanda sets aside US200 million for low cost housing

The Government of Rwanda is setting aside US$200 million in its budget for financial year 2017/18 for development of low cost housing for low and mid income earners. 

James Musoni, Rwanda’s minister for Infrastructure, said his government has come up with four strategic actions aimed at addressing the issue of affordable housing for Rwandans. The fund is one of them

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