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KCCA to usher in pubic health compliant transport system

Photo: Parliament

By Benjamin Mukose

Kampala Capital City Authority is currently undertaking construction works aimed at restructuring, improving and making transport more efficient, better organised and responsive to the current public health needs, Betty Among the Minister for Kampala has revealed.

Isimba hydro power dam switched on, as Uganda’s hydro power production ratings improve

The 183 megawatt (MW) Isimba hydro power dam has been launched after 47 months of construction. The new dam brings Uganda’s total electricity production to 1,167MW- over 1,100 of which is from hydro power. This gives the country a rating of average producer by Africa regional standards. However, when Karuma is brought on line at the end of this year with 600MW, Uganda’s total production will jump to over 1, 700MW, putting the country among the top quartile of high electricity producers on the continent.  

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