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Road accidents: Blame road designers, not drivers, says new Report

Every time an accident happens on our roads, traffic police are quick to blame over-speeding, drink driving, reckless driving or carelessness on the part of the pedestrian/cyclist. That is, blame is always placed on human error. Now, a new report says humans make mistakes anyway, and so authorities need to move away from apportioning blame to the road users, and shifting it to the road makers-city planners and road designers. It argues further that if countries make this paradigm shift, road accidents will be considerably reduced.

Sadolin paints becomes Plascon

Many Ugandans are slowly waking up to the realisation that the household paint brand name “Sadolin Paints- Colour Your world” is no more. In its place is now “Plascon, colour your world.” This follows the acquisition of 100 per cent of Sadolin Paints by Kansai Plascon Africa Limited (KPAL), a subsidiary of Kansai Paint Co. Ltd (Kansai Paint) of Japan.

Uganda, Tanzania commit to opening up Port Bell-Mwanza-Dar route

Uganda and Tanzania are committing to opening up the multi-track Dar-es-Salaam-Mwanza-Port Bell transportation sector , which if ink to paper comes to reality will see infrastructure works on ports, inland waterways and railways on the route.

The way from Dar port on the Indian coast to Kampala Uganda is a 1, 800 km stretch that has sections of rail, water and road.

Uganda-Tanzania sign final agreement on Hoima-Tanga pipeline

Uganda and Tanzania have signed the final Inter Government Agreement (IGA) - the East African Crude Oil Pipe Line Agreement (EACOP)-for the construction of the Hoima- Tanga crude oil pipeline. The signing of the implementation agreement which is the final phase of negotiations between the two countries before implementation can begin, took place in Kampala on Friday May 26th.

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