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The New Jinja Bridge: An engineering ace

The new cable stayed bridge built at the source of the Nile in Jinja is finally complete and launched, amidst excitement among Ugandans. Launching the dam President Museveni underscored the fact that road transport carries about 90 per cent of Uganda’s goods and passenger traffic. "With the new improved bridge, with dual carriage way, it would significantly improve road safety in the country. ” he said.

Time for Uganda to boost local steel industry

Steel is as critical to an economy as oil. Steel is at the centre of manufacturing, industry and industrialization. The country’s ability to supply high quality steel is a boost to the economy especially in a country that is gearing for high infrastructure development, industrialization, manufacturing and processing. There is no conceivable industry- small or big- that does not require some form of steel.

Kakira Sugar’s Ethanol to induct Uganda into bio-fuel

Kakira Sugar Limited, Uganda’s biggest sugar producer, recently commissioned a US$36.6 million (UShs 135 billion) anhydrous ethanol plant that will consume the sugar producers’ 74 million tonnes of molasses, to produce 18 million litres of ethanol annually. Anhydrous ethanol is mainly used as bio-fuel, in whole or as a blend to oil products.

This development marks the first time bio-fuel is produced in Uganda on an industrial scale, opening the way for use of bio-fuels in the country’s gasoline industry, up to this point comprising of 100 per cent hydrocarbons (oil based fuels).

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