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Uganda to benefit from ground breaking internet technology

If all goes according to plan, Uganda will soon beat infrastructure odds to deliver high speed 4G LTE internet to far-flung areas in the country using the ground-breaking internet connectivity technology. This is being planned under the Loon Project, an initiative of Alphabet Inc., the mother company that owns the search engine Google.

Technology Review: Total Excellium technology

To many a motorist, petrol and diesel- commonly called “fuel” is just a liquid that runs engines, to power vehicles.  But in fact, fuel is a technology, a product of extensive research, innovation and technology development. Different fuels are specifically designed to achieve specific motoring purposes and experiences. As technology generally advances, fuel technology is moving with the times. Increasingly oil companies are investing heavily to ensure that they out fuel technologies that meet the increasingly discerning motorists’ needs.

Uganda’s first solar run factory could start before end of 2017

In what will be a first of its kind, a factory operating on solar power could be launched in Kampala before the end December (2017), The Infrastructure Magazine can exclusively reveal. If this happens, this will be a real game changer in energy use in Uganda, as this will be the very first time that a factory outfit will be running on solar energy.

Ugandan-born engineer to address Cape Town’s water shortages from storm water

A Ugandan-born engineer is working on a technology to tap storm-water as a source of water to supply the water-stressed South African city of Cape Town. This has never been done before in South Africa.

John Okedi, a PhD student of water engineering at the University of Cape Town told The Infrastructure Magazine in an interview that many cities around the world have hitherto tapped storm/rain water, drained it away to the lakes or sea,  yet water  for consumption in the cities is pumped back from far sources.

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