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Build Net to put 90 apartment units to the market in 2020

Construction works for development of apartment blocks that will put  90 new housing units on to the market in 2020 have been launched by Build Net, a local real estate developer. Named Najjera Heights, the block occupies the former Match & Mix entertainment spot on the Kiwatule-Najjera road in Kira Municipality.

URA Tower graces Kampala skyline

The 22-floor office space for the Uganda Revenue Authority is the latest picturesque piece of real estate to grace Kampala’s skyline.   The ultra-modern office block is armed with a modern intelligent building management system that automatically controls facilities like energy, making it an energy efficient (a green) building).  

Are Ugandans’ housing styles and tastes changing?

By Jackie Asasira & Daniel Otto

Housing is like clothing fashion. The designs of houses, styles, ownership type, finishing tastes and even building materials are dynamic and reflective of the society’s psyche. It portrays the society’s current socio-economic and political state of mind. From housing patterns, you can tell generational differences, state of security of a country, economic prosperity and to some extent the political thinking of a people. 

Dfcu Bank seeks to boost home loan portfolio through property developers, slashes interest rates to 17 per cent

As a way to increase the uptake of its home loans, Dfcu Bank has accredited property developers from around the country, who can work with the bank to increase purchase of home using loans from the bank, thereby boosting the banks home loan portfolio.

Under the arrangement, sales staff of the accredited property developers  will receive free monthly home loans training. This, Dfcu Bank said, is expected to drive up property sellers’ closing chances by 80 per cent, as well as grow their network base across the country.

Uganda Hosts 33rd African Union for Housing Finance Conference

Uganda hosted the 33rd African Union for Housing Finance Conference from 17-19 October 2017. Facilitated by Terwilliger Center for Innovation and Shelter, Habitat for Humanity International and co-hosted by both the African Union for Housing Finance Conference (AUHF) and Housing Finance Bank Uganda.

The conference attracted representatives from 25 African countries to deliberate on ways for bettering housing across the continent.

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